How to Discern Between a Friend or a Foe

Sep 5, 2021    Pastor David Anglin

Friend or Foe

If you have ever been on a playground, lived as a teenager, worked with people, had neighbors, or lived on planet earth you have learned that everyone is not your friend. This is a difficult lesson to learn. When a person in your life seemed to be a friend, only to turn into a foe, the wounds can be deep.

How we respond can make or break us. Some people learn to live with an offensive posture and others live with a defensive posture. Some take on a victim mentality and others can become harsh or even turn into oversized bullies.

Often those most eager to be your friend, are really not as concerned with your best interests as you may think, So, how can we learn to discern between a friend or a foe? What can the Bible teach us about learning who to trust?

The Galatian church had become suspicious of Paul. They used to feel so blessed for Paul's friendship and influence in their lives, but they had started to doubt whether Paul was a friend or foe. Why, you ask?

The Galatians had made some new friends who were eager to teach them the path to real spiritual maturity. They had started to think Paul hadn't told them everything they needed to know and do if they were going to live pleasing to God. They had no idea how to discern between who was their friend and who was their foe.

For these reasons Paul proclaims, "...I am perplexed for you" (Gal. 4:20). In Galatians 4:12-20, we find some insights from Paul's deep burden for his fellow believers. Galatians 4:20 (ESV) "...I am perplexed for you."