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Saving Faith

Apr 7, 2024    Pastor David Anglin

Independence and self-sufficiency play a defining role in many people today. If a person is not independent and self-sufficient they will be forced to rely on others. Few people today are willing to admit they have needs. Our culture has traded the concept of "needs" for "rights" to which people are entitled. 

In Luke 18:35-43, Jesus encounters a blind man who cries out for mercy from Jesus. Those around demand that he be quiet, yet his desperation compelled him to cry out for Jesus even more loudly. Jesus was moved with compassion and healed the man's sight saying, "Your faith has saved you."  

We can imagine this scene playing out today. The blind man would have demanded that Jesus help him, believing he was entitled to be healed. 

There is much to learn from this passage as we consider the extent of our spiritual needs and spiritual blindness. Where else can one put their faith to gain the ability to truly see? What is this faith, shown by the blind man, that is able to save?