Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

The mission of CrossLife Church is to glorify God through the gospel transformation of individuals and families and the renewal and multiplication of churches. 
God’s mission and the mission of His Church are inseparably linked. If God’s mission is to be glorified through the redemption and reconciliation of sinners, the Church’s mission must orient around the glory of God and seek to glorify Him through redemption and reconciliation.

The Vision

The vision of CrossLife Church is to glorify God by making disciples of all nations.
The simple invitation is Jesus to his first followers  was to "follow me and I will make you fishers of men."  We believe within Jesus's words in Matthew 4:19 we find His plan for making and defining a disciple.
Jesus defined a disciple as someone who is:
Following Jesus (Head) "follow me"
Being changed by Jesus 
(Heart) "I will make you" 
On mission with Jesus 
(Hands) "fishers of men"

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