Do We Need Restraints?

Sep 26, 2021    Pastor David Anglin

Do We Need Restraints?

Humans living with no restraints will not lead to human flourishing but exploitation, abuse, conflict, oppression, and a bunch of other sins. The question is how to best restrain human depravity? We can use the government to restrain and punish actions that are seen as harmful and destructive to society but this is not without problems. Who determines the behavior that is right or wrong, destructive or productive? You will need a large enough government with powers to control, restrain, and enforce the morality they determine is best.

Religion is another way of restraining behavior. Having a sense of right from wrong that comes from a higher source than other humans is a powerful way to define a moral system and what behavior is acceptable. If people believe they will experience consequences from a God who punishes and rewards behavior, they will be more likely to self restrain.

The problem with both of these models of restraint is they are unable to change what is broken in each person. Education and government regulation are unable to change a persons sinful heart. Religious rules and regulations will also fail to change a persons sinful heart. The problem is not our economy, education, or environment, it is broken and sinful hearts.

Jesus alone can replace a heart of stone with a new heart that is soft towards God. Galatians 5:1-12, concludes Paul’s argument that Jesus alone can set us free.

The "false brethren" accused Paul's teaching that Jesus alone can free us, as giving Christians a license to sin. Shouldn't Christians be expected to live by moral and ethical standards?

This Sunday we will look at Galatians 5:13-26, for the only solution for battling sin, an inner restraint, the Holy Spirit.