Life Hacks

Oct 10, 2021    Pastor David Anglin

The Ultimate Hack for Christian Living

Everyone is looking for the latest “hack.” A hack can be a shortcut, a trick, or a work-a-round to achieve a desired outcome. Often the hacks are more gimmicky than they are great. For many things in life, shortcuts cause more problems than they solve.

If you were to search for “Life Hacks for the Christian Life” there are plenty of blogs that give suggestions and solutions for various aspects of Christian Living. Modern religious teaching is always pumping out answers for Christians to consider. Here are some of the suggestions: “a winsome personality, one’s innate abilities, advanced degrees in theological education, special seminars on the higher Christian life, social activism, spiritual psychotherapy, and others” (Timothy George, NAC).

The truth is that there are no shortcuts to the Christian Life but there is a “hack.” God has provided the hack to all believers and it is the key to freedom in Christ. If your spiritual life is a roller coaster of high, lows, success, failure, assurance, and doubt then you need to learn this hack.