The Power of Gods Promise

Aug 8, 2021    Pastor David Anglin

The Power of God's Promise

There was a time where a person's "word" usually meant something. The problem is that a commitment or promise is only as reliable as the people making them. Promises today are flippantly made and seldom ever kept.

This is not so with God. God never changes. God is immutable. God never mutates, grows, evolves, or expands His thinking. What God says is what He means and what He will do.

In our search for salvation, peace, and happiness we have a choice to make. We can seek those things in a world filled with unreliable people We can trust in our own abilities to be perfectly reliable. Or we can look to God's promise for hope.

God's promise is powerful and unchanging. In Galatians 3:15-20, we will discover how God's Promise can truly set us free.