Nov 7, 2021    Pastor David Anglin

Are You Conflicted?

Have you ever met a person that was hard to please? It may have been a parent, teacher, boss, or friend. They always wanted or expected more out of you than you were able to give, regardless of how much you did for them or gave to them they were never content and always wanted more.

Often the most difficult person to satisfy or please is actually within us. The greatest battles that we will ever fight are within our own mind, will, and emotions (our soul).

If you know Jesus, you have been set free from the penalty and power of sin and the flesh but you have yet to be delivered from the presence of sin and your flesh. The Bible often refers to our flesh as the “old man.”

This is the source of the conflict within us. It is a struggle between the old man and the new man. There is a battle over your actions as they both want to control your body. There is a battle over your appetite as they both want to consume and pursue alternative passions and desires.

God knows our struggles and the conflict within. He has provided a way, not only to fight but to win, walking in victory. If you are conflicted and defeated within that is an unnecessary problem. That's not God's will or plan for your life.