Experiencing God

Dec 12, 2021    Pastor David Anglin

Experiencing GOD

Have you ever experienced God? Many people have had spiritual experiences. Spiritual experiences have been felt by people around the world in many cultures, times, and places. Among those who have a Christian background, there are many who would testify of sensing God's presence. But, is that the same thing as experiencing God.

The historical Biblical account of the events surrounding Christmas are all about the reality of "Experiencing God."

Last Sunday, we were reminded of the desperation of the Jewish people as they struggled under the oppression of Roman and Herod their evil King. Additionally, there was the priestly couple Zechariah and Elizabeth, who had faithfully served God and yet struggled to understand why God had never blessed them with a child in their younger days. Why had God not intervened?

When you feel God is silent and not listening know that God hears and God is at work. He may not be working the way you want or the speed you may want, but He has a purpose and a plan that will not fail.

What God wills, He will accomplish on earth just as it is in heaven. And it will be for your greatest good and His greatest glory.

This Sunday, we will explore Zechariah's encounter with God and His messenger. Within these verses we find some helpful insights on how to experience God.