1 Timothy

Tools for Studying the Book of 1 Timothy:

Video Overview of 1 Timothy (from thebibleproject.com) 

Overview and Background of 1 Timothy (from thebibleproject.com) 

Tools for Spiritual Growth

Community Bible Reading Journal (CBR Journal)

During 2019, the CrossLife Church Family is using the Community Bible Reading Journal as a tool to grow in Christ and share in community. Throughout the year we will read through the whole New Testament and 1/3 of the Old Testament and Psalms. This is not a read through the Bible in a certain amount of time plan. This is a tool to help us spend more consistent time in God's Word, get more out of it, and share what God is teaching us in and through community.  

  • Todays CBRJournal Reading - HERE
  • Here is a PDF of the Reading plan for 2020- HERE
  • FAQ- Videos explaining "What it is" and "How to use it": HERE

New City Catechism

What is a Catechism? It is a learning tool used by individuals, families, and churches since the First Century. The New City Catechism is a collection of 52 foundational Biblical Truths. The App is Free and includes a Kids Mode with a shorter Answer, Song, background Scripture, and a Devotional Commentary.