1 Timothy

Tools for Studying the Book of 1 Timothy:

Video Overview of 1 Timothy (from thebibleproject.com) 

Overview and Background of 1 Timothy (from thebibleproject.com) 

Tools for Spiritual Growth

Community Bible Reading Journal (CBR Journal)

During 2019, the CrossLife Church Family is using the Community Bible Reading Journal as a tool to grow in Christ and share in community. Throughout the year we will read through the whole New Testament and 1/3 of the Old Testament and Psalms. This is not a read through the Bible in a certain amount of time plan. This is a tool to help us spend more consistent time in God's Word, get more out of it, and share what God is teaching us in and through community.  

Bible Reading Plan for 2018

Reading, learning, and understanding the Bible is a critical part of spiritual growth. CrossLifers are committed to Knowing Jesus, Being Changed by Jesus, and Living on Mission with Jesus. Join us in 2018 as we read Scripture together. Download the App and jump in now. The "Read Scripture App" is a great tool with short videos that explain each book of the Bible as we move through the Scriptures together.  

New City Catechism

What is a Catechism? It is a learning tool used by individuals, families, and churches since the First Century. The New City Catechism is a collection of 52 foundational Biblical Truths. The CrossLife Church family is going through 1 question each week through 2018. The App is Free and includes a Kids Mode with a shorter Answer, Song, background Scripture, and a Devotional Commentary. We will use the shorter version for memory on Sundays.