What To Expect

At CrossLife we welcome you with hot coffee, friendly faces, and expository preaching from the Word of God. We welcome all first-timers to come and experience the Gathering of CrossLife Church at 10am Sundays.  Every week we start with Fellowship, followed by Musical Worship as a group, and enjoy the preaching of the Word.  We value families worshiping together, but do have childcare with Gospel centered lessons for kids from birth to 5th grade.

Current Series:

Deuteronomy: Preparing for What's Next

Do you feel like we are stuck in a crazy moment of time, yet all you want to do is to move on? It is difficult to escape the list current stressors which include: a pandemic, presidential election, racial and political unrest, financial uncertainty, and the disruption to sports, church, and life as we have always known them. 

How can we prepare for what is next and move forward in the best way possible, regardless of the future challenges?

In the Book of Deuteronomy, 
God was preparing a new generation to inherit a land He had promised to their forefathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The name Deuteronomy means "second law." But, Deuteronomy is much more than just a repeat of the law. It serves as a commentary and exposition of who God is and how to know Him. 

Deuteronomy contains 3 farewell messages from Moses, reflecting on God’s faithfulness in the past and the unbelief of the previous generation, a fresh restatement of the Law, and finally, a clear choice they would have to make regarding their future. 

Resources for Studying Deuteronomy:

Outline for Deuteronomy:

  • Reflecting on the Past (1-4)
  • Reconnecting with God’s Person (5-11)
  • Refocusing on God’s Precepts (12-26)
  • Responding to God’s Promises (27-34)

Video Overview from the Bible Project