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At CrossLife we welcome you with hot coffee, friendly faces, and expository preaching from the Word of God. We welcome all first-timers to come and experience the Gathering of CrossLife Church at 10am Sundays.  Every week we start with Fellowship, followed by Musical Worship as a group, and enjoy the preaching of the Word.  We value families worshiping together, but do have childcare with Gospel centered lessons for kids from birth to 5th grade.

Current Series:

Galatians: Jesus Alone

Though there are many generational differences between the Millennials (ages 18 to 36), Gen- Xers (37 to 54), Baby Boomers (55 to 74), and Builders (75 and older). Despite those differences, there is a common worldview they all share, called Syncretism.

A Syncretistic Worldview relies on a patchwork of conflicting, often irreconcilable beliefs and values, used to navigate one's life (see CRC’s report on Syncretism here).

"The dominant worldview of all four adult generations in the United States is Syncretism—the mash-up of various worldviews that provides each individual with a customized understanding of, and response to life. In total, 88% of Americans have Syncretism, rather than a substantively coherent and recognizable worldview such as postmodernism or secular humanism, as their dominant worldview. A large majority of each generation relies on a syncretistic worldview when making their life choices. Overall, 89% of Millennials, 86% of Gen Xers, 83% of Boomers, and 86% of Builders have a syncretistic worldview (see CRC’s report on Syncretism here)."

We see the impact of a society shaped by a secular humanistic worldview rapidly changing the institutions, family structures, and sexual and social moralities that reflect a Biblically informed worldview. The greatest danger of our day is the confusion over the Gospel. 

Every generation has a responsibility of understanding, living, and preserving the Gospel. When one generation neglects the Gospel, the next generation will forget the Gospel, and the third generation will deny the Gospel. 

This is the precise reason for Paul's letter to the believer in the Galatian Church. The Gospel of Grace, through Jesus alone, was under assault. False brothers had come into their fellowship and were adding to the Gospel. 

If 83-89% of the 4 adult generations have a syncretistic worldview, this means the are highly likely to be adding or taking away key elements of the Gospel. 

It would be wise to evaluate your own understanding of the Gospel. Have you considered ways you may be believing a False Gospel?

Resources for Studying Galatians:

Outline for Galatians:

  • Defending the Gospel of Grace (Gal. 1-2)
  • Understanding the Gospel of Grace (3-4)
  • Applying the Gospel of Grace (5-6)

Video Overview from the Bible Project