Worship Gathering Details

Starting this Sunday, we will have 2 Gathering Options at 9:00 am and 10:30 am:  

1) To make additional room enabling us to maintain appropriate social distancing at the Gathering.

2) To maximize our efforts in welcoming back our CrossLife family and friends who are more vulnerable or at risk because of age, personal/family health circumstances, or work requirements.

  • 9:00 AM - Masks (only) Gathering  During this service, we are asking all those who attend to wear a mask. Masks, gloves, tissues, and hand sanitizer will be available at the CrossLife building for both services. 
  • 10:30 AM - Masks (optional) Gathering During this service, masks are still encouraged but optional. We will continue to maintain social distancing before, during, and after the service. 
  • If you have been attending the Masks Optional Service in previous weeks, consider giving up your seat and joining us in welcoming those in the Masks Only Service at 9 am. In both services, we will worship through singing, prayer, and preaching of God's Word, though the 9 am service will a little shorter with fewer songs. 

What You Need to Know 

as CrossLife’s Gathering Re-Opens

CrossLife Church is a family of disciples—following Jesus, being changed by Jesus, and on mission with Jesus. CrossLife Church is not a building or a service. We gather for worship and we scatter throughout our community to live sent and on mission. 

  • What To Expect: We are excited to begin phasing in our weekly gatherings. You may wonder what to expect and what will be expected of you as we resume gathering publicly.
  • Who Should Gather: As we begin to gather publicly our greatest concern is how we can best protect our most vulnerable populations. If you or a family member has been exposed to someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19, had a fever in the last 48 hours, been experiencing coughing, shortness of breath, sore throat, or had vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours—please refrain from gathering and consider seeking medical care. If you are over the age of 65, are immunocompromised, or have underlying health conditions you are encouraged to avoid the CrossLife gathering and join us online for the Live Stream.
  • When You First Arrive: Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early. Strive to maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance from others when entering the building. Keep moving toward the auditorium and avoid overcrowding the lobby. Please refrain from hand shaking, fist bumps, and hugs. The TN Health Department recommends wearing a mask while in public, though not mandated. We’ve provided hand sanitizer and encourage you to use it frequently and visit the restroom and wash your hands with soap. There is an additional sink available for hand washing in the kitchen area just past the bathrooms.
  • In The Auditorium: You’ll see the rows of seats have been spread out for physical distancing. There are a variety of seat groupings to accommodate different family sizes. Please respect the need to spread out seating across the auditorium. We are striving to maintain the recommended distance of 6 feet between worshippers. All of our gatherings are “family services.” Please be patient with young families who are worshipping together with their children. Young children may be a little disruptive as they are learning how to worship along with their families, but they are a sign of God’s blessing upon us so enjoy the moment!
  • Honoring Your Family:  No other programs are meeting at this time, including Preschool and Elementary groups. All services are family services until further notice. Our weekly children’s teaching series through the Gospel Story Curriculum and the Old Testament is available on our YouTube channel and website. There will also be Worship Guides for Kids available to assist children to engage during the worship time and navigate the message.
  • After The Worship Service: During this season be flexible and considerate as you exit while seeking to maintain physical distance. We will direct you on exiting in sections to avoid accumulating at the exits. Please keep moving through the halls and lobby. If you want to stop and chat with someone, please move to an area away from foot traffic or preferably outside (as weather permits). 
  • Gathering To Worship: Our worship gatherings focus on praising and worshipping Jesus. In an effort to be considerate of those gathering online and families with children our services may feel a little different. We also worship through prayer, the Lord's Supper, baptism and giving. We encourage our CrossLife family to continue giving as an overflow of worship online or at the Giving Stations. We will not be passing offering baskets during this time and there is no expectation or pressure for guests to worship through giving.
  • As We Move Forward: During these challenging days of COVID-19 we have all had to make some major adjustment and this will continue for the near future. What does not change is our calling and commitment to glorify Jesus as we gather (online or in person) while we daily live “sent” lives (sharing and demonstrating the Gospel to not-yet-believers.)

Our Online Sunday Worship Gathering:

First Time To CrossLife

We know that attending a church service for the first time can be a super scary thing... Being unsure of what the dress, culture or even when to stand up and sit down can be a paralyzing thought! At CrossLife, you can expect friendly and authentic people, engaging and God-centered musical worship, compelling expository preaching from the Bible, and an opportunity to encounter God. You will be encouraged and challenged.

The CrossLife Gathering is Sundays at 10am. 

You are invited to join in with us!

Click the map to make a detailed map from your house to our location at 4 Wesley Ct, Johnson City.

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