Women's Event

As a result of safety concerns from the COVID-19 crisis we have had to cancel the March 27th ladies luncheon and evening event. We are trusting that God has a better plan. We are glad to refund tickets from the March 27 event or transfer them for fall event. For more info or details email us at info@thecrosslife.org.

Join the ladies of CrossLife Church for an time of encouragement and inspiration, Fall 2020. Valerie Elliot Shepard will be sharing the tragic and triumphant story of her family as they served as missionaries in Ecuador. Valerie was a young girl when her father was speared to death by the Huarani people. Valerie joined her mother Elisabeth Elliot as they moved deep into the rain forest to live among the Huarani's to share the Gospel with the very people who took her father's life. 

Valerie will share about multi-generational impact of the "Godly Heritage" she received from her parents and continues to pass on as a mom, grandmother, and pastor's wife. 

  • Check back for details this summer

For questions or more information info@thecrosslife.org